Plywood and the use of plywood

Plywood and the use of plywood

Plywood and the use of plywood

Plywood and the use of plywood

Plywood and the use of plywood
Plywood and the use of plywood
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Plywood and the use of plywood



Products are formed from thin veneer and glue. This feature of boards depends on many factors: Wood, process technology ... but the most important is sewn glue. Phenol formaldehyde with (PF) has a water-resistant plywood, an ink significantly higher than with urea glue boards formanldehyd (UF). Ure formanldehyd is most commonly used glues in plywood production today. Therefore plywood use PF glue is used where there is high humidity and rain and sun where direct effect. Plywood produced from UF glue is used in place of roof. UF glue can increase strength by the addition of PF glue. Plywood is manufactured with at least 3 or more thin veneer, wood grain arrangement of layers so that this angle perpendicular to the other layers such planks will not be warped.




Is used extensively in areas such as carpentry, furniture, boats, aviation and aerospace. Hence the need to study the standards of quality plywood for each type of use and particularly identify the advantages of each type of wood in this area is what kind of wood can produce games specifically as aviation and Space.



Features of plywood

Are durable, brightness, hardness.

Resistance to traction.

Physical stability against state warping, shrinkage, twisting of natural wood.

Plywood used for outdoor furniture phenol formaldehyde glue normally made of melamine urea formaldehyde glue or.

This is also known boards of plywood, pressed wood used for interior decoration, closed cabinets, furniture, mezzanine, partitions, ceilings ... (dry environment).

The types of plywood

We have only 3 layers, 5 layers, 7, even 11 layers

When dry wood nature often shrink due to dehydration and generally horizontal section greater co Mosaic Mosaic along parts co. Weekdays we saw the buckled wood panels, wood panels thinner, more prone to warping. Plywood sheets is counted contraction advantage of the uneven sheets glued panels bring Mongolia ratings Mosaic horizontal with vertical panels so thin shrink to avoid blemishes.

Plywood with several layers of retail is to make the boards with a core layer in between, on the one hand making thin layers on both sides is the core layer holding can not free expansion, on the other hand also makes layer reinforcement outer core layers is limited. So we always broken paste layer to layer and so forth along the horizontal and the other to make the thin veneer mutual restraint not cracking or warping.

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